“Plants” Day Camp 5/30 – Reserve Now

045Join Chintimini for “Plants” Day Camp on May 30, 2016.

In this camp, children will be learning about invasive and native plants as well as basics about plant parts. Additionally, they will discover what it takes to do a restoration project. At the end of the day, each child will plant seeds for a medicinal garden to take home. More info & register now.

Fundraisers raise over $1000 for local wildlife

Special thanks to the following folks for hosting fundraisers for CWC this past month!

♥ Downward Dog Campus  + Two Towns Cider’s Earth Day Happy Hour: $300
♥ Ava Kalmar & friends Lemonade Day 2016 at Fred Meyer, endorsed by the City of Corvallis Chamber of Commerce:  $250
♥ Girl Scouts Troop 20497 Cookie Sale: $500

These funds will help us to house, feed and rehabilitate local wildlife. 

Help Chintimini Get a Lead Test Kit for Eagles

12208738_1132340306777838_3137453815692758339_nIn the 27 years that Chintimini Wildlife Center has been rehabilitating wildlife, we have seen more than our fair share of Bald Eagles who are admitted to the clinic with levels of lead exposure or lead poisoning. Some cases are more severe than others. Other animals like geese, ducks, loons, vultures, hawks, ravens, crows also suffer from lead toxicity.  It is an eminent threat to our native wildlife.

The symptoms of lead poisoning is weakness, lack of appetite, paralysis, tremors, head dropping, seizures, blindness, weight loss and anemia, among others. Lead poisoning in wildlife is caused by ingestion of lead laced ammunition and fishing sinkers. Continue reading “Help Chintimini Get a Lead Test Kit for Eagles”