OSU Vet School Performs Surgery on Bobcat


Chintimini recently admitted an injured Bobcat who was likely struck by a vehicle and suffered a fractured femur. Our partners at OSU Veterinary School performed orthopedic surgery on the wild cat and inserted a plate held together by screws that will remain permanently inside the animal’s bone.

We spoke to Lyn Smith-Gloria over at OSU who said that while the Bobcat came in “very thin and not strong” that she was a “fighter.” She also commended our Animal Care Staff for stabilizing the animal prior to surgery by rehydrating and feeding her.

While Dr. Warnock performed the surgery, Lyn said the school was lucky that Margot Mercer, a former Chintimini volunteer just happened to be making rounds and used her experience gained at our clinic to help restrain the wild cat.

The Bobcat is back at Chintimini recuperating from surgery and her hopeful release will take place in late Spring.  Aside from her broken leg, she also lost a tooth so once she makes a full recovery it will be determined whether she will be able to hunt for prey in the wild.

In the meantime we are seeking donations for our effort in the Bobcat’s recovery.

If you would like to read an in-depth article about the surgery, OSU Veterinary School’s Animal Connection blog post is a very interesting read.


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