Fun Day Camps in February!

kids with pizza boxesWondering what your child will do with all those “no-school days” in February? Check out our day camps! Each day is a themed “mini-camp” aimed at educating through play, crafts, exploration, and personal experiences. Day camps are offered during the Corvallis School District non-school days, excluding Thanksgiving and winter break. Sign up here or see below for a list and description of each camp. 

February 4
Jr. Falconers – This camp is geared towards the fundamentals of falconry. Children will observe training techniques used by our raptor handlers, meet some of our raptors, study behavior and diet needs, and learn some basic terminology.

February 5
Jr. Rehabilitators – Learn what we do here at Chintimini Wildlife Center. Children will engage in fundamental techniques, knowledge, and processes that wildlife rehabilitators use. Includes a mock rehabilitation clinic.

February 15
Reptiles – Reptiles crawl and slither their way to our fascination in this camp. We will focus on awesome adaptations of native species that are found at Chintimini and the Willamette Valley.

February 26
Birds and Bugs – From the bottom of the pond to the tops of the trees, we will seek out things with feet and wings. In this exploratory camp, we will get out microscopes and binoculars to get a full view of the creatures around us.

Sign-up here!

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